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Miracle Mosquitoe Cure

This is possibly the best bit of information I have come across since I got to Memphis! Now I appear to be the mosquitoe equivalent of caviar for these pesky insects – I am irresistable to Mosquitoes and always have been. When I am bitten the bite swells to a hard white lump and itches and aches for about three days – it sucks! (as does the mosquitoe!)
Well – I may just have solved the problem – and I wish I could remember where I read about this as I would love to give the originator credit! Apparently the proteins that are injected into the skin by the mosquitoe cannot survive if they are heated higher than 45-60 degrees – no proteins, no irritant – no irritant no miserable itchy lump. Best way to heat the bite to above this temperature – just rub your hot coffee cup against it for a few mins!
Now this seems too good to be true but it appears to work! I haver just tested the theiry for the first time – the itching hasnt disapeared totally but it is probably 80 percent better than it was a few minutes ago. I can see how rubbing certain areas with a coffee mug might be deemed socially unacceptable but for now I am extremely happy with this solution to my mozzie problem!


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