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Art for Arts Sake

I’ve never been the type of guy who gets ecited about a trip to the art gallery. I have seen the Mona Lisa, the Dahli ehibition and made several trips to the National Gallery in London but nothing ever really caught my imagination. I am the first to admit that I have a less than creative mind but I have always secretly wished that I had artistic/creative talent. (I also wish I could sing and drive the space shuttle).

Anyway – i have stumbled across the works of a guy called Phil Hansen and they are quite simply amazing on a number of levels. I have no idea how he gets the ideas he does and the talent it must take to produce them in such different mediums is outrageous. My personal favourite right now can be found HERE – it is amazing and baffles me as to how somebody could even start to compose an image like this. He also has a great studio cam which can be seen HERE. THe picture I have featured here is actually drawn onto the sidewalk with chalk and is composed of hundreds and hundreds of chalk stickmen! Crazy huh!
I know very little about this guy other than he lives and works in Washington – maybe he is fameous and wealthy from his works and maybe he isn’t. Take a look- it is well worth the time!

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Miracle Mosquitoe Cure

This is possibly the best bit of information I have come across since I got to Memphis! Now I appear to be the mosquitoe equivalent of caviar for these pesky insects – I am irresistable to Mosquitoes and always have been. When I am bitten the bite swells to a hard white lump and itches and aches for about three days – it sucks! (as does the mosquitoe!)
Well – I may just have solved the problem – and I wish I could remember where I read about this as I would love to give the originator credit! Apparently the proteins that are injected into the skin by the mosquitoe cannot survive if they are heated higher than 45-60 degrees – no proteins, no irritant – no irritant no miserable itchy lump. Best way to heat the bite to above this temperature – just rub your hot coffee cup against it for a few mins!
Now this seems too good to be true but it appears to work! I haver just tested the theiry for the first time – the itching hasnt disapeared totally but it is probably 80 percent better than it was a few minutes ago. I can see how rubbing certain areas with a coffee mug might be deemed socially unacceptable but for now I am extremely happy with this solution to my mozzie problem!

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