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Learning to love Binky

I have always been very ‘anti pacifiers’ – they have always felt like an easy option when it came to parenting and a surefire way to guarantee your child a set of croked teeth.  I now take all of that back…….

Baby Jack’s sleeping habits have been somewhat ..non-existant to say the least.  Sleeping in spells no longer than a coulpe of hours, none of us are getting a whole lot of sleep.  In desperatino we had tried a pacifier but Jack had cosistantly spat it out with the distain it seemingly deserved.

That was until the coming of Binky……  Now the ‘Binky’ pacifier range from Walmart is not the cheapest but boasts a realisticly shaped silicon nipples that babies are just going to love.  We swallowed our pride..and the cost and what do you know..BINKY IS WOKING!  Jack loves it, we love it (because we get some sleep) and frankly I will trade all the bad parenting connotations for six hours of unbroken sleep any day!  Forget the cheaper but unpalatable Walgreens alternatives, Binky is the only way to go!


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Hooray for Alcohol!

For nine long pregnant months, Diane has been teetotal.  In a spontaneous (and some might say foolish) gesture of moral support, Russ declared a state of prohibition at the same time and commited himself to a nine month spell of sobriety.  Now neither of us were ever really big drinkers, but towards the end of the pregnancy we really craved not only a drink but the kind of night out that typically goes with one!

Well yesterday the wait was over!  Mommy and Daddy got their margaritas, Baby jack got his first visit to a bar and all three of us ate nachos!



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